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When you first visit a new dentist, they will usually take a full health history. Most of the time dental visits are just checkups and cleanings. Regular checkups (ideally every 6 months) will help keep teeth clean, healthy and will prevent more painful or serious issues from occurring.

Below are some common procedures and specialized treatments that Dr Perlitch and her staff are trained to perform. Each patient is different and has their own needs, but this list will familiarize you with most of the dental procedures the office routinely undertakes. (click on a title to see the procedure.)

Full Exam

Dr Perlitch will perform a thorough examination of your teeth, gums and mouth, looking for signs of disease or other problems. His or her goal is to help maintain your good oral health and to prevent problems from becoming serious, by identifying and treating them as soon as possible.

Thorough Cleaning

Checkups almost always include a complete cleaning, either from your dentist or a dental hygienist. Using special instruments, a dental hygienist will scrape below the gumline, removing built-up plaque and tartar that can cause gum disease, cavities, bad breath and other problems. Your dentist or hygienist may also polish and floss your teeth.


Depending on your age, risks of disease and symptoms, your dentist may recommend X-rays. X-rays can diagnose problems otherwise unnoticed, such as damage to jawbones, impacted teeth, abscesses, cysts or tumors, and decay between the teeth. Dr Perlitch's office uses machines that emit virtually no radiation — no more than you would receive from a day in the sun or a weekend watching TV. As a precaution, you should always wear a lead apron when having an X-ray. And, if you are pregnant, inform your dentist, as X-rays should only be taken in emergency situations. Dr Perlitch may ask for a Panoramic X-ray, or Panorex. This type of film provides a complete view of your upper and lower jaw in a single picture, and helps the dentist understand your bite and the relationship between the different teeth and your arch.

Ceramic Inlays, Onlays and Crowns

Amalgam fillings are not considered a treatment option in treating decay. If the tooth requires a large restoration, ceramic fillings known as inlays, onlays and crowns are the most attractive and durable solution. Dr. Perlitch wants your restorations to be compatible with your natural teeth and protect them from wear and tear. With the new CAD/CAM computer technology many of these restorations can be made on the SAME day.

Porcelain Veneers

If you have stained, chipped or misshapen teeth and want a completely custom solution to rejuvenate your smile, porcelain veneers may be right for you. Porcelain veneers are thin shells of ceramic that cover the teeth to close gaps, change shape and improve color and texture in your smile. Porcelain veneers are very non-invasive and a great solution for you if your have solid teeth as a foundation. The natural look is unsurpassed by other restorative options.

Teeth Whitening

Each person has a unique quality to the composition of enamel and dentin which makes up their teeth. Whitening systems can vary greatly in the results achieved. There is not one whitening system for all teeth. Dr. Perlitch provides a variety of systems and carefully examines your mouth to select the best system for you. Whether it be in-office whitening or a home treatment, she is commited to giving you the best result possible.

TMJ Therapy

Improper Bite alignment and jaw instability at the joint can cause pain as well as deterioration of the teeth and gums. Dr. Perlitch evaluates all smiles for these problems and offers contemporary solutions to reduce discomfort and restor lasting function of your teeth and jaw. Click here to learn about TMJ and book an appointment today!

Oral Disease Prevention and Wellness

Scientists have filled the dental journals with articles confirming the oral/ body link of health and disease. Many systemic diseases have signs and effects in the mouth and around the teeth. Dr. Perlitch spends the necessary time to explore your medical history and condition, contacts other health care professionals to integrate treatment benefiting your whole body. Family care is also provided in a wholesome, team oriented approach. Many dental diseases are of familial origin and an enthusiastic prevention plan can be fun and lasting.

Composite Fillings

Composite is the white filling material used in all simple fillings, whether a baby tooth, a preventive sealant, or a single surface decayed or chipped area, composite plays an important role in giving you a beautiful restoration. This material is commonly used with our no- drill fillings, the most soothing treatment for our younger patients.

Complete/Partial Dentures

Dr. Perlitch loves to fabricate custom complete dentures for her edentulous patients. Having studied the Earl Pound technique, she arranges your smile tooth by tooth right before your eyes, creating a one of kind smile that suits your face, speech and personality. Many patients requiring this treatment are elderly or ill, Dr. Perlitch can arrange for house calls for folks who are homebound.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a secure, natural-looking option to replacing missing teeth. Many patients prefer implants to other prosthetics because they look and feel like natural teeth. Dr. Perlitch develops your complete treatment plan and has an incredible team of surgeons to assist in the procedures.

If you have any questions on Dr Perlitch or the procedures she performs please contact our office.

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